About Us

Marina Munroe is a fully certified laser technician, and owner operator of Clean Canvas Tattoo Removal. With almost ten years of experience, and thousands of satisfied clients, she has quickly become Nova Scotia’s premier choice for tattoo removal. Marina dedication, knowledge, and gentle approach allow clients to achieve there goals, while staying fully informed on treatment. With the latest advancements in laser technology she provides unsurpassed service, with optimal results. A complimentary one on one consultation with Marina will provide you with a realistic treatment schedule, allowing you to obtain your goals and services that will exceed your expectations. Studying in Quebec and Vancouver, Marina earned her laser accreditation in ND YAG technologies and LHE technology. She is also active in the push for legislation and education in the laser community, with a personal goal of working to establish safer laser practices in Nova Scotia.

  • Fully licensed Laser technician in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) Q Switch and Light Heat Energy LHE technologies
  • Safe FDA approved equipment
  • BBB Accredited A+
Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a process in which a controlled injury is applied to the area with a a beam of high intensity light. The laser quickly passes over the tattoo , breaking up pigment colors... Learn more
Spider Veins

Millions of women and men are troubled by unattractive spider veins on their faces and legs. Spider veins are called as such because they resemble a "star" with numerous small veins radiating from a center point... Learn more
Birth Mark / Port-Wine

Port-wine stains happen when an area of skin doesn’t get any (or an insufficient) supply of nerve fibers, which normally help keep blood vessels narrow... Learn more